The countdown is on to a very big day…8th March 2020 I will be shaving my head to support the Leukaemia Foundation – if I can manage to raise $10k. If I fall short of this target I will colour my hair a crazy colour!

I am doing this for all of the people in my life that have had cancer. Not just Leukaemia but any types/forms of cancer. My mum passed away from Peritoneal Cancer on 8th March 2008 so I will be doing the shave on the 12 year anniversary of her death.

When mum started Chemo and her hair started thinning it was a very big deal for her. No woman wants to start to see their hair falling our and no woman ever wants to be bald. The day came when it was clear the time was upon us. Mum needed to shave her head. For some reason it was just the two of us at hospital that day…I ran her a bath and we agreed that I was going to shave her head for her. It was such a special moment, so sad yet mum found a way to make it feel ok despite being in so much pain (emotionally) herself. I could not believe what I was about to do and knowing how mum must have been feeling made it even harder.

I did the shave and then put mum in a bubble bath. I sat on the edge of the bath and we laughed and agreed that actually mum looked quiet good with her new do! I considered turning the clippers on myself that day to show mum that it was ok and it really didn’t matter. However I was not brave enough, I was an 18 year old with too much pride.
Well now…I’m brave enough. It has only taken 12 years but I have finally got the courage. Thank you to the support of my husband and family I am doing it! in the memory of my amazing courageous mum and soooo many of my family and friends that have lost their battle or are still fighting the fight.

You cannot imagine being in their position so this is for them!

Help me raise $10k. I cannot do it without you…please support me in this massive challenge!!!

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